Catamaran Trampolines

  • We use an extremely tough 8oz. mesh polypropylene fabric (Tencate Permatron). It is the highest quality uv stabilized trampoline material available. It has low stretch and is not damaged by the sun or stitching.
  • Mesh lets air and water through it. It does not catch the wind like a vinyl tramp.
  • All reinforcement is built into the bottom of the trampoline so the top surface is free of clutter and catch points.
  • Thread used is UV bonded V138 polyester; this is a strong heavy thread made for outdoor applications.
  • Brass grommets are rolled rim, spur style, large #4 size (9/16” diameter hole). These bite into the fabric and are large enough to fit several sizes of lacing.
  • Grommet edges are reinforced with strips of 4" wide 18 oz black vinyl (Truck tarp material) to spread the load across the entire fabric.
  • Lacing is not included. Rope lacing kits are sold separately.
  • On 3 piece models, center grommets spaced approx. 5” centers, end grommets spaced approx. 4” centers.
  • All edges are reinforced with at least 6 rows of stitching, most have 7-8 rows.
  • 2” heavy weight polypropylene webbing added to entire perimeter for unmatched strength.
  • Durable black poly adjustable hiking straps.
  • Heavy duty construction techniques used, these are tough trampolines built to last. When you compare to others, check the details, look at the pictures, and see why these tramps are the best value out there.
  • We roll the product and vertical box it to minimize creases in the fabric. 

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