Catamaran Trampolines



"Hey, I thought I'd just say 'thanks' for a really nice product. I was dubious to begin with, had the original solid vinyls from Hobie on it and wasn't sure the combination of mesh and black would work here in FLA. Very satisfied, had every dollar's worth of fun in the first day back sailing. Very well made! I wish you guys did sails now".... Regards Randy, Florida


I installed the new tarp from A.T. , and went sailing for two days. Actually stayed overnight at a small island ( Icacos, Puerto Rico ) and slept on the trampoline, LIKE A BABY !!! The fit was Perfect, the quality is GREAT !!! and the service from A.T. incredibly good. I highly recommend your products !!!!!! The Hobie 16 looks like new again, with a great Tramp, and actually, to make it better, the price is also great. The bag you included ( I owe you the cent ), is even better than the factory fixed one, I installed it where it fits gear the way I like because I sail solo. I will be ordering a couple more bags if you do sell them, they are awesome and very usefull on sail days. I want to send pictures if you can use them. Thanks a lot A.T. guys and gals, your product is EXCELENT !!!!!! Juan, Puerto Rico



I recently ordered a tramp from atomic tramp and I am impressed with the quality of the product and the speed of your processing and delivery. I try to buy American where ever possible and I hope business is good and will certainly order from you again and recommend others to you. In Australia we've been hearing things are pretty tough in the US at the moment and I can only hope it doesn't last long. Keep manufacturing quality stuff and GO USA. Please read this to your staff if it helps or raises a smile.....Nick from Pymble, Australia



Hello guys, I bought a Trampoline from you about 2 Weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that I am VERY VERY PLEASED about the Product. Great Material, Great Craftsmanship and 100% Accurate. It took me 2 Hours to mount, never having done this before. It looks amazing. THANK YOU ! Brgds  Nassau, Bahamas


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